Deep stacks

Ultimate Poker Club offers great-action poker tournaments in all flavors from slow, Deep Stack Texas Hold ‘em poker tournament to the recently introduced Speed tournament.

Is bigger really better? Well, in terms of deep-stacked poker tournaments it is. If you prefer to take your time, contemplate your decisions and study your opponents, then Ultimate Poker Club's Deep Stack multiplayer Texas Hold ‘em tournaments might be worth a try for you.

Getting Started

You will often see a tournament in the lobby labelled as a ‘Deep Stacks’ event. This indicates that each player starts with more chips than usual. The starting stack in most Deep Stacks events is 5,000 chips. The blinds are normally the same as a regular poker tournament, thus giving each player more play throughout the event.

In addition to a deeper-than-normal starting stack, most Deep Stacks events have 30-minute intervals for each level. The normal interval between changes in levels is 15 minutes. Lengthening the levels in Deep Stacks events is another way of providing a lot of play, particularly in the early stages of the tournament.