Two to six people can play this game.

The game is played with 32 card deck without Joker and cards from 2 to 6.

In Americana each player receives 5 cards: 1 (one) card face down which only he can see and 4 (four) cards face up which the other players can see too. The game starts when the player receives one card face down. It means that the other players do not see this card. All dealt cards are individual; in this game there are no shared community cards as in Texas Hold'em.

The game consists of several betting rounds. Americana is non-positional game; this means that the player who bets first on each betting round does not necessarily have to be the same.

Americana uses Ante instead of Blinds.

Americana is played with 5 (five) cards where only one card is face down and four others are face up. The starting hand consists of two cards - one face up and one face down.

The first betting round starts with an obligatory bring-in bet (or complete bet) from the player with the highest card. Then one more card is dealt before each betting round. In total there are 4 betting rounds. The best five-card poker hand wins the pot. This five-card poker hand are only those the five cards which dealt to each player. The player can not combine his cards as in Texas Hold'em.

Americana is played with a short deck from Aces to Sevens. In Americana it is easier to get full house than flush. In Americana a flush beats a full house.